Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer: Caller Name Announcer is a fast, intuitive, and customizable announcer app. It announces calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. It has flashlight alert functionality which notifies you via flash when you get a phone call, SMS, or app notification.

Caller Name Announcer

Call and SMS announcer :

  • Announces calls and SMS loudly.
  • Announces SMS with content.
  • Announcement facility during call waiting.
  • Announces unknown calls by custom name or number.

Announcement Settings

  • Option to change announcement speed.
  • Adjust different announcement volume for calls or SMS.
  • Announcer works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).
  • The app works with any TTS (Text to Speech) engine.
  • Announcer supports many languages. (TTS supported languages)

Flashlight Alerts

  • Get Flash Alerts for incoming calls, SMS, and notifications.
  • App has various flash blinking patterns.
  • Separate flash numbers for SMS and notifications.
  • Flash Alerts works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).
  • Flash Alerts are automatically closed when there is a low battery.

Contact Settings

  • Disable all alerts for specific contacts.
  • Set a custom name for a particular contact number.
  • Turn off announcer or flash alerts for specific contacts.

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