Monsoon Forecast: How will this year’s Monsoon be, Ambalal’s Monsoon Rain Forecast

Monsoon Forecast: Ambalal’s Forecast: Gujarat’s well-known weather expert Ambalal Patel’s predictions about weather like rain, heat and cold and storms come up from time to time and they come true to a large extent. Ambalal Patel’s predictions have come out regarding how the heat will be next year and how the rain will be in the monsoon. Let’s know what weather expert Ambalal’s forecast says about this?

Monsoon forecast

After Ambalal Patel’s cold and unseasonal rain, now the heat forecast has come out. Winter is about to end and it will start getting hot in a matter of days. People are locked to know how hot it will be this time. Weather expert Ambalal Patel has predicted the heat. According to Ambalal’s prediction, a strong Western Disturbance will come from February 19 to 22. In which the temperature will drop again. So even on those days you have to be prepared for more cold weather.

At present, north-westerly winds are blowing in the state. The minimum temperature is not likely to change much but the weather department has expressed the possibility of general cold towards increasing temperature trend. At present, due to the winds coming from the north, the state is experiencing severe cold. The state is experiencing cold as the minimum temperature drops.

Agahi of Ambalal

Ambalal Patel, a well-known meteorologist from Gujarat, while predicting how hot it will be this year, said that it will be a hot summer this year and people will have to be prepared to face extreme heat. The heat will start from 19-24 February. The maximum temperature is likely to rise above 34 degrees in February itself. This year will be favorable for summer crops due to intense summer heat. The heat will increase gradually from March 4. The maximum temperature is likely to reach around 40 degrees in the month of March. More heat will be experienced from April 20. At the end of April and in the month of May, there will be scorching heat.

Further, Ambalal predicted that there is a possibility of low pressure in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea in May. Also from June 4, there is a possibility of light low pressure in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. However, the relief news for the people is that after enduring extreme heat, the monsoon is predicted to be good. The monsoon is expected to be good this year as the influence of El Nino diminishes.

At the same time, Ambalal’s prediction that the mango crop will be poor this year has also come to light. Forecaster Ambalal Patel predicts that the month of February will be harmful for the mango crop. He said that there is a possibility of change in the weather in the month of March due to the zodiacal rotation of the sun. The wind speed is predicted to be higher in the month of February. Due to which the mango blossoms fall and it is likely to be damaged. Wind speed is likely to increase to 15-24 km/h. Farmers have to take extra care due to pests and disease in the crops.

Also, Ambalal Patel has also predicted that by February 12, the temperature is likely to drop and cool in the early morning and night parts. Meanwhile, North Gujarat and Kutch will experience bitter cold. The temperature will rise again from 15 to 16 February. Gradually, the heat will start from February 15.

The entire human life depends on the monsoon rains. Especially the people of the world i.e. the farmer friends have a special curiosity to know how the monsoon will be. Then, according to the forecast of weather expert Ambalal Patel, there is a possibility that the monsoon rains will be good this year.

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