Polo Forest: This polo forest known as the mini Kashmir of Gujarat

Polo Forest: Known as the mini Kashmir of Gujarat, this Polo Forest: There are many places worth visiting in Gujarat. But according to the current season, people visit natural places if they want to go for a walk. Then many visit forests and hilly regions in Gujarat. This is when the monsoon season has started and the rains have been good. Then nature flourishes in these forests and hilly areas. To enjoy this nature, one should go to Polo Forest, known as the mini Kashmir of Gujarat. Here are the places worth seeing in the Polo Forest

About Polo Forest

Mini Kashmir i.e. Polo Forest is located in Gujarat. It will be surprising to know but this is the truth. The name Polo Forest has made this place a hot favorite destination for Gujaratis. Located in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, this natural place is teeming with tourists in the monsoons. Polo forest is located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sambarkantha district. It is 70 km from Himmatnagar and 160 km from Ahmedabad. And it is located at a distance of 120 km from Udaipur of Rajasthan. It can be reached by National Highway 8. Public transport is available. However, check for this beforehand. Harnao river flows right through the forest. On which a big dam and some small dams are also built.

A place on the border of Gujarat

You can enjoy a day trip to Polo Forest. All year round you can come to polo forests. If you come here in monsoon, you will find nature in full bloom. Seeing which your mind will be blown away. Not only that, the Rajasthan border is located next to here. It is also one of the reasons that people reach this place on the border of Gujarat, which is considered as a dry state, to soak.

Mini Kashmir of Gujarat

The forest of Polo is spread over a vast expanse of 300 square kilometers. Now, after the arrival of Meghraja in Sabarkantha, this area has flourished due to art. Harnao river has also become a major attraction for tourists throughout the forest, while listening to the small springs and chirping of birds flowing through the forest, people feel that they have come to a mini Kashmir. Poet Umashankar Joshi, who was born in Sabarkantha district, has even described Polo forest as a mini Kashmir in his poems.

Sights around

Along with this Polo Forest, you will find places like Shaktimandar of Abhapur, artistic chhatris, Sharaneshwar Mahadev, Rakta Chamunda, Dera of Lakhena, Dera of Sadevant Savlinga worth visiting. Polo Festival is also organized by Gujarat Government.

For photography

Talking about polo forests, especially people come here for videography, shooting, photography or one-day or two-day picnic. This place is also known as the wandering land of Maharana Pratap. Fourteenth-fifteenth century Solanki era temples are here to see. And Vanaj Dam and beautiful campsites for trekking are there. Here from the roots of the Umra tree flows the secret Ganga i.e. the source of water which attracts all towards it.

History of Polo Forest

The ancient city of Polo is situated on the banks of the river Harnao. Folklore hears that the town was founded in the 10th century by the Parihar kings of Idar, after which the Rathod Rajputs of Marwar captured the site in the 15th century.

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