Who uploaded the first video on YouTube, know the amzing thing.

the first video on YouTube: We know that nowadays everyone is using social media. The most used social media is Google followed by YouTube. We all use YouTube. We watch a lot of videos on YouTube and also handle a lot of songs. We are entertained.

the first video on YouTube

Currently millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube and there are millions of YouTube users. But we have ever thought that when YouTube started and who uploaded the first video inside YouTube. Yes friends we have found the person who uploaded the first video on YouTube and his video is also found. The first person to upload a video on YouTube is javed karim and he uploaded the video on 25 april 2005.

The video that Javed Karim uploaded was a zoo video. And he titled that video Me at The Zoo. This video has got more than 29 crore views and this channel has 41 crore subscribers. The funny thing is that there is only one video on this channel.

YouTube is the most used platform in India. Thousands of people are also earning money due to YouTube. There is no one who uses YouTube. Currently YouTube has been bought by Google.

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