Riddle Solution: If a goat has 3 legs, how many legs will 6 goats have?

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If a goat has 3 legs, how many total legs of 6 goats?

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Question – If a goat has 3 legs, how many legs do 6 goats have?
Answer: The answer to this question is given below-

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If a goat has 3 legs, how many legs will 6 goats have?

The correct answer to this puzzle is 23. If you are thinking 18 answer then your calculation is wrong. Because only 1 goat out of 6 goats has 3 legs. The rest of the goats usually have 4 legs. So 5 goats have 5 x 4 = 20 legs. And the 3 legs of the first goat. 6 goats of this calculation make a total of 23 legs.

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